Welcome to the website of Friends of Humanity International.

Welcome to the website of Friends of Humanity International


Thank you for visiting our website which was launched in March 2007-02-06


Friends of Humanity International seeks to reach out to the victims of human rights violations with the aim to work out means to end abuses and injustice.


The website contains the recent publication of Friends of Humanity (reports, letters, messages, data and others) and briefing on the Organization's activities.  The web page was designed in such a way that facilitates access to the information about the Organization, its setup and vision.


We hope that you would find the topics on the website interesting and would feel free to send us your inquiries. Our team has the pleasure to respond to any inquiry.


We hope that you would visit our website regularly to keep updated on the reports, information and the variety of programs and activities undertaken by the Organization. We look forward to enhancing continuous contact with all visitors of our website.


Friends of Humanity International/ Vienna