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"Friends of Humanity International" asks the Israeli Authorities to release the Journalist MOHAMED MONA


Date: April 10, 2012

Doc. No: P/ME/1009/12/E

Demanded her to release eight Palestinian journalists in her Jails



"Friends of Humanity International" asks the Israeli Authorities to release the Journalist MOHAMED MONA


"Friends of Humanity International" has asked the Israeli Authorities to release The Palestinian Journalist Mohammed Anwar Mona (30 years old), whereas a Force of the Israeli Army has intruded his house in Daheia to the East of Nablus in West Bank in last Tuesday April 3rd 2012 and arrested him then transferred him to Majedo Jail near Haifa in the 5th of April. 

Expressed very profound concerns about the life of the Palestinian prisoner who is not allowed even to see his advocate, "Friends of Humanity" is afraid of a potential and regular torture to the Prisoner MONA at investigation executed by Israeli intelligence services (Shabak) in the IDF Jails centers. The Israeli investigators execute a technique of posing prisoners to very severe psychological and physical pressures such as crossing  them on chairs or walls and deprive them from sleeping to long whiles or days.


Meanwhile, the Human Rights Group has also condemned arresting journalists since these illegal deeds represent a severe hostilities and aggression on the Journalism Freedom and terrifying their families and children. The Organization has also referred that the responsibilities of all authorities is not to oppress, arrest or threat journalists, or even not to hinder their legal activities according to the International laws and Conventions.


The Eight Palestinian journalists arrested are the following:

1. The Prisoner Yasin Mohammed Abu Khdair from Jerusalem (arrested since 25 years) sentenced to 28 years since he is considered as the oldest Journalist prisoner in the Israeli Jails as he was working in daily news papers Al Quds and in the old Newspapers Al Talae and Al Nahar.

2. Waleed Khalid Ali from Skaka Village near Salfeet Town, He is manager of Daily Palestine Newspaper in West Bank and has been arrested administratively since May 8th 2011.

3. The Journalist Nawwaf Ibrahim Al Amer from Kofor Qaleel East to Nablus, Manger of Programs on Al Quds Satellite Channel. He has been administratively imprisoned since June 28th 2011.

4. The Journalist Ameen Abdul-Aziz Abu Wardah from Nablus. He has been administratively imprisoned since December 28th 2011. He is also working correspondent to Palestine News Network and Al Khaleej Emirati Newspaper.

5. The Journalist Amer Abdul-Halim Abu Arafa from Hebron. He is working as a correspondent to Shehab Agency in West Bank. Abu Arafa is still administratively imprisoned since August 21st 2011.

6. Fadi Aziz Al Assa from Bethlehem. He is imprisoned since February 5th 2012. He is working as a journalist in "Bethlehem 2000 Radio".

7. The Photographer Journalist Hamza Solaiman Bernatt. He is working as a volunteer in Justice and Freedom Association that records Israeli Violations and hostilities against affected villages from the Israeli separating wall in Ramallah.

8. The Journalist Mohammed Anwar Mona. Correspondent of Quds Press International News Agency in Nablus. He was arrested in April 3th 2012.


"Friends of Humanity International" asked the Israeli Authorities of the Following:

• Immediate Release to the Journalist Mohammed Anwar Mona and all arrested Journalists.

• Permitting his family and lawyer to visit him to short whiles.

• Cancelling all Administrative Imprisonment Commands and Courts and Guarantee not to violate the 4th Item of the International Convention constitutes of Political and civil Rights and Fair Judicial Procedures.

• Guarantee the freedom of the Palestinian Journalism and Journalists.


Vienna, April 10, 2012




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