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"Friends of Humanity International" urges Mauritanian Authorities to extradite Al Sanousi to Libya


Date: March 18, 2012

Doc. No: MA/ME/1006/12/E


"Friends of Humanity International" urges Mauritanian Authorities to extradite Al Sanousi to Libya


"Friends of Humanity International" urged Mauritanian Authorities to extradite the former head of Libyan military intelligence to his country, whereas he fled out to Niger in the last October because of a public revolution against the regime of Muammar Al Qaddafi.


In a press release published in Sunday March 18th, the Organization stated that Abdullah Al Sanousi Al Maqarahi (63 years old), who was the right hand of the dictator Gaddafi for nearly 42 years in Libya, is accused of committing crimes against humanity.
Some of these charges are that he was involved in hazardous crimes of deliberate killing and instigations, especially the killing of 1200 of Libyan prisoners in 1996 in Buslim prison.


Relatively, located in Vienna, "Friends of Humanity International" urged Mauritania to process the case of Al Sanousi according to the Mauritanian and Libyan laws.


The organization said that Al Sanousi must be brought before a Libyan court and hold him accountable for his crimes against the Libyans.


Vienna, March 18, 2012

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