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The Jordanian authorities are called to free the four activists


Date: March 10, 2012

Doc. No: JO/ME/1006/12/E


Friends of Humanity International:


The detention of the Reformers is a condemned movie in free communities



The Jordanian authorities are called to free the four activists.



“Friends of Humanity International“ expresses its deepest concern over the detention of four Jordanian reformist activists by the Jordanian authorities in the city of Tafeela on March 06, 2012. The activists were moved to the Al-Jowaideh jail which is located in the city of Amman.


The Jordanian reformist activists are:

Saed Al-Ouran

Majdi AL-Qabalain

Yaser Al-Sabayleh

Fadi Al-Obaideen


The Organization describes the charges; that claimed by the Jordanian authorities against them, as ridiculous.


In a statement, "Friends of Humanity" confirms that the testimonies and documented reports of torture of prisoners in detention and investigation centers of the Jordanian authorities raise its concerns on the health of the four prisoners.


The Vienna-based organization demands the Jordanian Authorities that Mr Al-Ouran, Mr AL-Qabalain, Al-Sabayleh and Mr Al-Obaideen should be treated according to the provisions of the law which guarantee their physical and psychological safety, as well as their immediate release and return to their families.


Vienna, March 10, 2012



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