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Withdrawing Citizenship from UAE citizens is a big violation that has to be retreated


Date: January 04, 2012

Doc. No: AE/ME/1001/12/E

Withdrawing Citizenship from UAE citizens is a big violation that has to be retreated

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities have withdraws The National Citizenships of six citizens. Those citizens are a public figures in the Emirates


ho strive for better reforms. In unprecedented step and an aggressive violation to the UAE Commitments in human rights regards, The Authorities have deprived them from all their civil rights of National Citizenship.  


Since Friends of Humanity International Organization totally condemns this decision, it confirms that such decision is unauthorized or legalized locally or globally. And it contradicts with the commitments of human and civil rights that can never been justified.


This unjustified Decision has targeted the following UAE citizens:







Meanwhile, The UAE Official News Agency (WAM) has uncovered via an official resource in the Public Administration of Ports, Residence and Citizenship Affairs that Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed All Nahyan;


resident of UAE has issued a decision No. 2-1-7857 in December 4th 2011. This Decision issues that deprive and withdraw the UAE National citizenship from the above mentioned citizens according to the following alleged Statement: “These citizens are accused of involving in a dangerous activities against the Emirates Peace and Security”.


The statement declares that those citizens have involved in deeds that threats the National Security and stability since years through their suspicious relationship with suspicious individuals and organizations. The statements also alleged that they are involved in suspicious relations with suspicious international associations and organizations that are enlisted in the United Nation Black List of Terrorism Fighting.


But, however, the enhancing impression uncovers that such a decision of depriving and withdrawing Citizenship comes as a punishment step against their Reforming Demands. And for their membership of a civil social organization that was blocked and prohibited by Authorities and restricted her activities. This Organization called ”Association for Reform and Social Guidance”.


Relatively, some of those deprived citizens have expressed their demands in a petition handed to the leadership of the UAE. This Petition asks for more reforms and Repairs to the National Parliament resolutions and influence in addition to enhance Transparency and Corruption's fighting.


Hence, The International Declaration of Human rights states that (Item No. 15. Every person has the right to have a citizenship and it is not authorized by anyway to deprive or withdraw national citizenship, Nationality). Moreover, the United Nation Convention 1954 (Stateless Cases Items) states that (The Authorities is not allowed to withdraw National citizenship from any citizen except when this person have another citizenship in another country). The contracted state with such citizen is not allowed to use deprivation or wiredraw law except in legal way.


hat means every single citizen has the rights to judge and investigate the official resolutions in a fair national and disinteresting courts. The convention items also states that, it is not allowed to any authority or individual to deprive or withdraw a national citizenship from any citizens due to ethnical, religious, political or racial causes. (Items: 7, 8, 9).


Hereby, “Friends of Humanity International” asks the UAE Authorities to retreat and withdraw this illegal decision that represents a big violation which can never been accepted or justified worldwide.


The organization also calls upon the leadership of the UAE and president Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zaid All Nahyian, his vice-president Shaikh Mohamed Bin Rashid All Nahyian , the high council of Emirates Governors and The federal Government to quickly handle and cancel this unjustified decision issued in this regard that deprive UAE citizens from their legal, humanitarian and constitutional rights.


Vienna, January 4, 2012


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