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“Friends of Humanity International” releases recorded Report of most important violations against the Palestinian Professor Abd ul Sattar Qasim


Date: September 18, 2011

Doc. No: P/ME/930/11/E



Headlined: “Another perspective intended to be suppressed”




“Friends of Humanity International” releases recorded Report of most important violations against the Palestinian Professor Abd ul Sattar Qasim


“Friends of Humanity International” has issued a recorded Report of the most important violations against the Palestinian Author and university Professor Dr. Abd ul Sattar Qasim. The report describe the journey of suffering of Qasim since his initiation of writing 30 years ago.


“Friends of Humanity” states that Prof. Qasim is the first PHD holder arrested by the Israeli Occupying Authorities. He have been charged by these authorities of instigations against occupation's procedures.


Prof. Qasim is considered as one of the most famous Arabic academic and scholar who has been exposing to assassinations, killing threats, follow up and hurt attempts by many authorities. The Israeli occupying Authorities, Palestinian Authority and the Jordanian Authorities have frequently been following up and prevent him of travel and Freedom of movement. But however, Prof. Qasim rejected all kinds of hostilities and immigration aboard and insisted in staying and living in his home land.


The report mentioned also that Prof. Qasim is a unique author of scientific and academic creativity. He has been writing many books and hindered of researches and essays. In addition to being a distinguished and successful lecturer and member of several social and intellectual institutions.


Regarding his recent arrest by the Palestinian Authority, the human rights group mentioned that Prof. Qasim was arrested in August 25, 2011 due to judicial compliant against him claimed by the administration of Al Najah University in Nablus, in which he works for 31 years. The main charges against Prof. Qasim were staring rumors, instigations, insults and humiliating persons according to the administration's claims. Especially when he wrote a bitter critical essay against the administration of Al Najah University. His essay criticizing the university administration of not fulfilling the Palestinian high court resolutions that constitutes to re-enroll the three fired student and join their classroom in the university.


Meanwhile, the university administration has issued a decision charging Prof. Qasim and stopped him working in August 24, 2011, then subjecting him to the Disciplinary board to be judged. In August 29, and due to an interfere-order by the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority released him tell he is subjected to his court in October 10, 2011.


“Friends of Humanity International” has gathered testimonies state the retreat of academic and political freedom ranges at the Palestinian higher education's institutions, Al Najah National University in particular.


Thus, the organization call upon  all administrations of the Palestinian universities to prevail and support freedom and liberty especially the academic ones. And not to allow other sides to threat the educational and academic institutions.


The organization accordingly appeals the administration of Al Najah University to drop lawsuit at the Palestinian court and withdraw all charges against Prof. Qasim that were based on political attitudes and then enable him back freely to his work as a Professor in the university. Furthermore, Al Najah University must fulfill decisions of the Palestinian high court that states of re-joining the three fire-students to their classrooms in the university.


Also, the Organization urged the university administration to exert extreme effort to uncover detections of the kill of the young university student Mohammad Raddad inside the university campus in July 24, 2007. In addition to judge criminals by the civil court especially this event happened because of political dispute among Palestinian parties.


Moreover “Friends of Humanity International” calls upon the Jordanian Authorities to permit Prof. Qasim and his wife Mrs. Amal Al Ahmad a clearance and entrance between Palestinian territories "West Bank" and Jordanian territories freely without any hindrances.


Additionally, the Organization requests the Israeli Occupying Authorities to fully stop following and arresting Prof. Qasim and permitting him moving inside and outside West Bank "to Jordan" freely without any obstacles or provocations.


Vienna, September 18, 2011


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