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Friends of Humanity International, ending Somali catastrophe and relieving disastered people is a must.


Date: September 08, 2011

Doc. No: SO/AF/929/11/E


Friends of Humanity International, ending Somali catastrophe and relieving disastered people is a must.


We, in profound concern, have been following the aggravating catastrophe, drought and starvation hitting vast areas in Somalia since last July. "Friends of Humanity International Said".


Millions of displaced citizens are facing a daily humanitarian disaster wide spreading rapidly. The organization expressed extreme fear of the catastrophic consequences to those displaced and distressed people.


Relatively, TV releases and reports reveal horrible witness of this rapid catastrophe in the Somali regions which killed tens of thousands of sick and poor people due to the slow humanitarian relief.
The organization, located in Vienna, reminds and assumes humanitarian responsibilities and duties on the international community burden in sake of resolving this humanitarian disaster as quick as possible. In addition to ensure food aids, water supply and hygienic care to all of those displaced and harmed people.


Friends of Humanity International appeals international organizations and charities to accelerate reliefs and aids to homeless and starving people in Somalia and in the countries of the horn of Africa. Moreover, it also urges all Arabic, African and Islamic governments to quickly and actually move to the sake of rescuing those innocents.


Hence, long times ago, Somali people has been suffering of drought, starvation and lack of security that resulted of prolong disastrous catastrophe being paid by poor and old people in addition to children and mothers.


Sadly Following up the  prolong dilemma in Somalia, “Friends of Humanity International” calls upon Somali politicians  to immediately stop fights and assume national responsibilities and initiate reconstructing their country to get their people lives calmly and respectfully that deserves better life. It also looks forward to modify this disaster to a way of coherence, brotherhood and wisdom instead of killing, devastation and violating laws.


Vienna, September 08, 2011.

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